Data-loss & Data Leak Prevention (DLP)

Data loss and data leakage is one of the biggest fears that a company can face today. Quite a few companies have been in the news for unintended information disclosure. Data loss can occur in many ways…..

  • Hardware or system malfunctions.
  • Human Error.
  • Deliberate attempts to remove or forward data by malicious employees.
  • Software Corruption.
  • Computer Viruses.
  • Criminal activity.
  • Hacking.
  • Inefficient disposal of IT equipment (unscrupulous data recovery).

While DLP is not a panacea to such errors and attacks, it should certainly be  foremost in the minds of network Managers to defend against such risks. Just as we have witnessed the growth of firewalls, intrusion detection systems (IDS) and numerous security products, DLP has already improved considerably and is beginning to influence the IT security industry.

“Sadly, many businesses don’t have a planned strategy to actively protect against DLP and also don’t have contingency plans in place to clean up the mess it can cause”
Stewart Ekins – EDN