Exinda WAN Optimisation

Exinda is a proven global supplier of Traffic Shaping & WAN Optimization products.

Exinda is installed and maintained in network deployments that exceed 1,000 devices. Exinda products help over  1,500 organizations in 80 countries worldwide to reduce network operating costs and ensure consistent application performance over the WAN. The Exinda Unified Performance Management (UPM) solution encompasses application visibility, control, optimization and intelligent acceleration – all within a single network appliance that is affordable and easy to manage.

Exinda provides users with the best application experience possible by maximizing the speed and efficiency of the wide area network. Exinda’s unified performance management (UPM) solution brings together a suite of advanced, best-of-breed, visibility, traffic-shaping and WAN optimization technologies into a single, easy to-use appliance designed to improve network performance.

Exinda is the only Unified Performance Management solution on the market. Unified Performance Management provides users with a tightly integrated, cost saving solution to get the most out of your network. All controlled through a unified management console.

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