Exinda Traffic Shaping & WAN Optimisation

No matter how much effort you put in to ensuring that you’ve correctly sized your network, at some point you’re likely to receive comments that, “the system’s going slow”.

Exinda Networks’ WAN optimisation appliances help you to regain control of your WAN by:

  • Providing clear, detailed, real-time reporting of your network utilisation at circuit, subnet, host, user and application level
  • Prioritising network traffic and utilisation based on clearly defined business needs – that you can control and amend on demand, without downtime
  • Utilising advanced techniques to improve how traffic is sent across the network, mitigating the effect of “chatty” protocols
  • Offering a transparent web-cache service, so that frequently used web pages and even web-based videos can be served locally, rather than over the Internet
  • Advanced application-level caching to improve performance of file transfers, such as Microsoft CIFS/SMB (Windows file shares)
  • Application-agnostic network-level caching (WAN Memory) to prevent repeated data being transferred across the WAN

Network managers love the visibility and control, users enjoy improved system responsiveness, and Finance likes that you can get more capacity and greater service levels, without hugely changing your WAN investment.

Exinda appliances range from small 1Megabit branch office units all the way up to 10Gigabit data centre devices. All run the same software, all use a common management and control interface, all can be used together to provide the right solution for your WAN.

EDN has been heavily involved with Exinda Network for over six years, both as a customer and a partner. We have deployed units in a variety of environments and networks, from domestic Internet-based VPNs, through to national and international MPLS and even inter-continental satellite-based environments. We’re confident in the technology, and our experience means that we’ll help you every step of the way from specification, to product evaluation, to final deployment of your Exinda optimised WAN.

Please contact us to discuss how the Exinda products can help your network, to arrange a demonstration, or even set up a free two-week evaluation.