Does your LAN or WAN network deliver?

Take charge of your network and applications. With more Web-based applications coming online every day, the amount of traffic crossing the network is growing exponentially. Network managers face the complex task of monitoring and managing network resources and bandwidth, while meeting user expectations for consistently fast access to applications. At the same time, they may also be mandated to reduce network operating costs. To meet these challenges, organisations must have a Unified Performance Management (UPM) solution in place that addresses the three key requirements of network management: visibility, control and optimisation.

Components of a Unified Performance Management Solution

A Unified Performance Management solution brings visibility, control and optimization together in a comprehensive, tightly integrated and centrally managed system.


UPM provides deep visibility into network activity, usage and performance, giving you the intelligence and knowledge you need to keep your applications operating at peak performance. Before you can begin to control your WAN and optimize application performance, you need visibility into what is happening across your network. Gaining a clear view of the network is no simple task. Recreational applications including P2P applications may attempt to mask their identity and behavior. User complaints about slow applications can also be highly subjective. The Exinda Unified Performance Management solution helps you keep an eye on bandwidth utilization, troubleshoot application performance issues and identify network abuse. With real-time monitoring, reporting and analysis, Exinda provides the visibility you need to monitor and classify network traffic, measure application response times and perform in-depth analysis to support performance optimisation and capacity planning.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Monitor application performance issues in real time and take immediate action.
  • Precisely monitor bandwidth utilization by user group or individual user.
  • Objectively measure application response times and quickly troubleshoot issues.
  • Accurately classify all network traffic using advanced Layer 7 analysis.
  • Detect evasive applications like P2P with deep-level inspection and behavior monitoring.
  • Run historical reports for advanced trending and capacity planning.


UPM includes a broad set of management capabilities that allow you to maximise network resources and control network traffic without placing heavy-handed restrictions on users. Visibility helps you understand how your WAN is being used, but you still need the ability to effectively manage the network. To maximise resources and meet user expectations for fast access to applications, you need precise control over traffic. You must also weigh legitimate business needs against your users’ right to open Internet access. This may require P2P control and recreational traffic control that is as non-intrusive to users as possible. The Exinda Unified Performance Management solution includes advanced policy-based traffic management and control. With Exinda, you can share available bandwidth among various users, groups and applications while restricting unwanted traffic. To keep low-priority traffic from interfering with WAN performance and application response times, Exinda allows you to detect evasive applications, limit the bandwidth allotted to P2P traffic or eliminate some types of recreational traffic altogether.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Control network traffic without placing heavy-handed restrictions on users.
  • Reduce congestion and conserve bandwidth by limiting or eliminating recreational traffic.
  • Detect applications that are designed to be evasive using Layer 7 application signatures.
  • Implement and automatically maintain a fair use policy for network resources.
  • Automatically change network behavior based on user-defined events and triggers.
  • Centrally manage network resources and set policies using a single intuitive interface.


UPM lets you turn understanding into action by implementing policies and network changes that drive application performance, improve the user experience and optimise productivity. WAN optimisation is about getting every bit of performance out of your network. To make the most of available resources, you need to continually measure application performance and proactively adjust network behavior. When faced with performance issues, some organizations simply throw more bandwidth at the problem. This costly approach treats the symptoms of the problem without resolving its underlying causes. Similarly, some organizations invest in solutions that accelerate all network traffic including the good and the bad – recreational P2P traffic, low-priority applications, etc.

The Exinda Unified Performance Management solution combines sophisticated traffic optimization with intelligent acceleration. Exinda’s unique WAN optimization solution provides detailed application classification and prioritization, granular policy-based traffic control and selective TCP and application acceleration. With Exinda, you can dramatically improve application response times, increase traffic throughput and reduce the effects of latency. The result is near LAN-like application performance across your WAN.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Prioritize applications based on their importance to your business operations.
  • Guarantee that critical applications get the bandwidth they need (e.g. VoIP or CRM).
  • Selectively speed up traffic with intelligent TCP, CIFS and HTTP acceleration.
  • Increase workforce productivity by ensuring predictable application performance.
  • Defer costly bandwidth upgrades by maximizing current network resources.
  • Increase network connection speeds and overall network performance.