How Exinda Can Improve the Performance of Backup Exec CPS

By default, CPS uses ports 20481, 20483, 20485 and 1804. Creating the application group is pretty straight forward:

(config) # application "CPS" port 1804 protocol tcp
(config) # application "CPS" port 1804 protocol udp
(config) # application "CPS" port 20481 protocol tcp
(config) # application "CPS" port 20483 protocol tcp
(config) # application "CPS" port 20485 protocol tcp

A simple policy permitting the CPS application to run at all times with low priority and a low minimum guarantee is a great way of gaining continuous replication. In this way, CPS can run all the time and take as much bandwidth as is available when no other applications are using the WAN. No bandwidth is wasted, and the user experience is maintained, independently of the bandwidth restrictions within CPS itself.

When we then add Exinda acceleration, we see pretty good results, in excess of 50% reduction:

Here’s an example of how accelerating CPS traffic can really provide throughput benefits; this screenshot show CPS throughput on a 4Mbps internet circuit:

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