iPod/iPhone/iPad remote desktop with Pocket Cloud

Wyse Pocket Cloud provides a remote desktop (Windows terminal server), VNC and VMWare View client for mobile devices. Wyse provide two versions, the free edition which is limited to a single server connection, and the paid-for edition which offers additional features, such as multiple connections and support for Terminal Services gateway.

This quick guide covers installation of the free edition and making your first server connection on an iPod touch, although the principles are the same for the Android version in the Google Play store.

The app can be found and installed from the App store


Once installed, the app invites you to sign in with a Google account in order to enable Auto Discovery, a feature which allows you to automatically find settings for the server you wish to connect to (we won’t use that here). It also prompts you to send anonymous usage stats to Wyse.

When choosing to set up a manual connection, you first choose the connection type. RDP is typically used to connect to a terminal server or a Windows PC. VNC is used to share desktops from a variety of operating systems, including Windows, Mac OS, Linux and UNIX (see and for various implementations). In this example, we will connect to a Windows server using RDP.

Connection settings are fairly straight forward, with only the server name or IP address being compulsory. If you are using a low-speed or unreliable connection, it’s worth looking at reducing the screen resolution and colour depth to reduce the bandwidth used and the improve performance.

Once connected, the device acts as a remote screen to the server.

You can then run your normal applications, such as Office, web browsing, etc.


Remember that if you’re looking to connect to a server on a remote network, you may first need to set up and connect to a VPN.


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