Managed Email Hosting

EDN can offer a plethora of corporate mail solutions allowing you to focus on your business rather than worry about your email system. EDN provides a complete, reliable business email solution. We keep your team fully synchronised wherever they are without expensive upgrades or complex software management requirements. EDN’s corporate mail service provides you the flexibility to either access your accounts through Web Mail or the email application you’re already familiar with.

Business Email Protection

Businesses are losing tens of millions each year to lost productivity and data corruption from email viruses and spam. EDN can provide total protection for each and every mailbox. Total protection consists of customizable spam prevention technology, and up-to-date virus protection shielding your business from harmful and costly computer viruses.

  • Full suite of business email options
  • Hosted Microsoft Exchange for Outlook
  • Business class webmail
  • Exchange Hybrid

Migration of Email Services

If your company is embarking on a change of email service provider or are upscaling or downsizing your current provision, EDN can help you with each and every step. Don’t let your business suffer from the irrevokable loss of existing emails.