Managed IT Services

At EDN-IT we believe we have found the synergy between cost saving without sacrificing client IT experience. This has been achieved by us developing a number of IT methodologies on how we handle IT service support. An increasing number of businesses are embracing the flexibility, convenience and cost effectiveness that a managed, serviced office can provide. We can support managed office providers in offering additional products which generate additional revenues streams, whilst enabling the tenant / licensee to take advantage of technologies or services at a price that they might not otherwise be able to justify – this can be a particular advantage to start-up businesses who want management recurring costs rather than high initial capital expenditure.

Shared internet access.

Shared internet is nothing new – our difference is that we can fairly share that access. Traditional shared internet access is on a first-come, first-served basis, so a single tenant could potentially take all the capacity for the whole building. Our solution, using products from Exinda Networks, allows us to ensure that each tenant is guaranteed a fair share of the other capacity.

Shared file & print services.

File servers and printers can be expensive items for new businesses, but there’s no doubt that there are significant cost savings and business benefits to having shared infrastructure. We have solutions to provide secure, shared file services for multiple tenants with guaranteed data backup should a disaster happen. We also work with a leading print services company to provide high quality printers with unbeatable service levels and competitive per-print pricing.

Remote access solutions.

Where ever you are, you’re never far from the office… tenants can gain access to their shared documents from practically any location with an internet connection.

Shared software subscriptions.

These days it’s a fact that computer software often costs more than the hardware it runs on. We have solutions which can help reduce the burden of software costs.

Web server rental & hosting.

We work with leading designers and internet providers to offer high quality, cost effective web site design and management, on robust and secure servers.