Multi-factor Authentication

Authentication serves a vital function within any company  by helping to secure access to corporate networks, protecting the identities of users and ensuring that users are who they claim to be. Evolving business environments now require entirely new approaches for access control. This represents a shift in how trust and control is established and maintained within a company.

New threats, risks, and vulnerabilities as well as evolving business requirements underscore to the need for a strong authentication approach based on:

  • Control.
  • Choice.
  • Future scalability.

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is a security system in which more than one form of authentication is implemented to verify the legitimacy of an event. In contrast, single factor authentication (SFA) involves only a user ID and password.

In two-factor authentication, the user provides dual means of identification, one of which could be a physical item, such as a swipe card, and the other of which is typically something memorized, such as a security code.

Additional authentication methods for multi-factor authentication include biometric verification such as fingerprint scanning, iris recognition, facial recognition and voice ID. In addition to these methods, smart cards and other electronic devices can be used along with the traditional user ID and password.

Safeword by Safenet Authentication

SafeWord provides strong authentication of users connecting to your network using one-time passwords generated by by “keyring” tokens, Apps for smartphones, or SMS messages. SafeWord generates new passcodes every time a user logs in, eliminating the vulnerabilities associated with fixed passwords. Access is integrated with both RADIUS for VPN Gateways and Citrix for native Citrix Authentication. Tight integration with Active Directory allows administrators to easily manage tokens and user access, and simplifies user login.


  • Positively identify remote VPN, Citrix, and Outlook Web Access users
  • Token-generated passcodes change every time you log in
  • Integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Active Directory

Applications protected

  • All major VPN and RADIUS devices
  • Citrix MetaFrame web interface for MetaFrame Presentation Server (NFuse 1.7 or higher)
  • Citrix MetaFrame Secure Access Manager
  • Outlook Web Access

Companies are asking:

  • Who controls my token data?
  • How do I map authentication methods to business risk and the needs of my users?
  • Can I centrally manage, control and administer from one platform?
  • Am I set up to evolve to address new demands of my business – like Cloud and mobile devices?
  • How can I incorporate additional security layers, to help me further fortify against threats?
  • And how do I keep it all practical, and cost-effective?

More than ever, customers are looking for authentication that delivers more – more strength, control, and choice. A fully trusted authentication environment can deliver just that.

Strengthen Your Authentication with Superior Trust and Control

SafeNet delivers the protection you expect, while enabling customers with broader choice, improved visibility, and the ability to expand into the future. We do this through our Fully Trusted Authentication Environment, which means that you have:

  • Better self-control of your data – SafeNet enables customers with the option to create and control their own token data, so there is no reliance on a third-party vendor
  • Improved management and visibility – SafeNet’s solutions deliver single-server management, providing full control, simple administration, and reduced cost and staff burden
  • Expanded options – SafeNet delivers the broadest choice when it comes to authentication methods – so you can meet the needs of any user and any risk level (hardware or software, certificate-based authentication or traditional one–time-password, on-premise, or into the cloud)
  • Future-ready – with new solutions that deliver strong authentication and SSO for cloud applications as well as credentialing for mobile device management
  • Painless migrations – SafeNet offers two complete authentication migration bundles that include unique brokering functionality, which alleviates typical migration concerns and headaches.

 Your Easy Path to Migration

SafeNet simplifies the migration process by offering bundled migration packages that enable organizations of any size to seamlessly transition to the Fully Trusted Authentication Environment. These bundles include a unique brokering functionality, which enables two solutions to coexist “side by side” during migration, ensuring continuity and streamlining the deployment process.