New Exinda Firmware Release:

Exinda has released an update to their v6.3 code. Full details are at

In summary:

Fixed in 6.3.7 (from 6.3.5):


  • [APP-7755] edge cache: Enable NTLM authentication pass through for parent proxy
  • [APP-7903] edge cache: When playing youtube videos on android devices sometimes the wrong video is shown (Also in 6.1.9)
  • [APP-7840] sdp: Resolve issues with sending statistics to sdp
  • [APP-7848] acceleration smb: Intermittent permission error when connecting to SMB1 server from windows 8
  • [APP-7645] acceleration smb: Pass through SMB3 connections
  • [APP-7866] acceleration wmd: Fix memory leak issue when out of band connections are blocked
  • [APP-7607] acceleration tcp: Improve handling of servers that have long delays closing connections in response to FIN packets (Also in 6.1.9)
  • [APP-7893] system: Include firmware version in the body of alert emails
  • [APP-7396] monitoring: Add NDR64 decoding for DCERPC detection (mapi, dfs, drsuapi, mslsa, netlogon) for improved server to server detection (Also in 6.1.9)
  • [APP-7621] active directory: Update the embedded AD client to 1.0.11 (Also in 6.1.9)
There are also updates to the 6.1.x for older / legacy devices.

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