New release: Exinda OS 6.1

New release: Exinda OS 6.1. IPv6 support, edge cache, improved reports & alerts. Contact us to arrange a trial!  Exinda has now introduced its new ExOS 6.1 software for its WAN Optimization appliances. This .1 release offers significant business benefits to network operators including several key features and enhancements such as the Exinda Edge Cache™, increased Optimization Scalability, and support for IPv6. These features address network issues including the increase in rich media such as video traffic on the WAN, the growing number and complexity of users and devices, and the rising demand for a better user experience.

The Exinda Edge Cache enables single-sided caching of Internet-based content, including web objects, videos and software updates with a single Exinda WAN Optimization appliance at the branch office or data center, enabling a superior user experience and reducing WAN utilization costs. With the Exinda Edge Cache, web objects are cached at the network edge when they are downloaded from the Internet. These objects can then be delivered to the users on the corporate local area network much faster, providing a better user experience. By caching these web objects in the local office, you can drive down the network traffic consumed by each office, which reduces network costs.

With the ExOS 6.1 firmware release, Exinda has expanded Optimization Scalability, which significantly increases the number of accelerated connections on Exinda’s current hardware platforms, allowing more users to be supported on a single appliance. The result is improved performance for more users, without the need for hardware upgrades.

Support for IPv6

Exinda simultaneously provides all of the capabilities for IPv6 as it does for IPv4 traffic, enabling network managers to see, control, optimize and report on both types of traffic on the WAN while service providers and enterprise clients manage the transition between v4 and v6.

Enhanced reporting

With ExOS 6.1, Exinda has expanded its reporting from Top 10 graphs to include “All Other”, which provides perspective on what percentage the top 10 traffic types represents with respect to the entire traffic load.

Enhanced Network Health Alerting

Exinda has expanded its Application Performance Monitoring and Service Level Agreement (SLA) capabilities, allowing for finer-grained monitoring of application performance and alerts for specific TCP and network health issues.

New and Updated Signatures

Exinda’s UPM solution has the ability to identify and manage more than 2,000 application signatures. With ExOS 6.1, more than 70 application signatures have been added and/or updated.

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