Using Exinda to Help Improve Equallogic Replication – Results

In a previous post we explained how to configure the Exinda appliance to deal with iSCSI traffic. Having built our policies and enabled acceleration (available with x800 licences, x700 primarily offer visibility and shaping), we are now seeing some fairly impressive reduction stats. For example, the Exinda report for a Saturday shows:

Reduction Statistics by Application
Application: iSCSI
LAN Data (MB): 171768.62
WAN Data (MB): 51275.43
Reduction Ratio (%): 70.15


Effecting data throughput

During the initial replication we were seeing 90-95% average reduction (initial snapshots contain far more duplicated traffic, as there are big repetitive blocks of empty space, windows system files, etc in the LUNs). Now we’re seeing replication of changes, hence the drop in maximum reduction ratio. It’s still a very impressive run rate and a massive saving on overall WAN load. In addition, we’re still able to operate QoS (Quality of Service) on these circuits, so we are able to handle all this replication traffic whilst protecting the user experience for key business applications. It’s because of this level of visibility and control, in addition to these obvious performance advantages from Exinda acceleration, that we continue to endorse, support and recommend the Exinda appliance as a first-class WAN optimisation controller.

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